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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Thing I Am 75 Pounds Lighter

My poor hubby. He went on a guys camp out on Saturday and our son & I met them out there on Sunday morning for a day of outdoorsy fun. It was a beautiful day out here in the desert except for the wind, so I stayed bundled up for most of the time we were out there. Did some shooting, discovered a new gun that I want (The Judge!) and went riding the quads. Hubby and I went out together and we had a whoopsie moment. That would be, I dumped us off of the quad. Whoops. He was holding onto me so when he went off, that took me with him. He fell about 5 feet flat onto his back and I came down as well. I tried to use my hand to break my fall on the ground, but fell onto him after that. I also kept my feet planted against the quad to keep it from rolling over on us. Poor guy. Granted I have lost a lot of weight, but that was still 200 lbs of wife that came crashing down on him after his fall. To say he is sore is an understatement. I was stiff getting out of bed yesterday morning so I KNOW he is hurting :-/

This week is a quick one for me. It is NASCAR week!! This is a weekend we plan for for about 4 months. I LOVE NASCAR weekend. It is fun, it is exciting and it is freaking exhausting! This will be my first "dry" NASCAR weekend. I usually drink about 8-10 beers a day, starting at 7:00 a.m. Since I can't drink beer anymore, I guess I will remember most of this weekend! :-D I'll post photos on Monday!


  1. Have a good time this week! I am SOOO jealous! Loved the time we use to come out and do the same thing. But we always went to the World Of Outlaws dirt track races too. Hubby and I have been a member of the rescue team at a local dirt track up here for years. My in the ambulance and hubby is a ff. If you get a chance say "hey" to Smoke for me! Oh, and kick the Busch brats in the shins for me too! LOL

  2. Poor hubby!!! Have a fun time and enjoy :)

  3. Aye....glad you're both ok...be careful! :)

  4. Enjoy NASCAR weekend, and remembering it all!! I miss drinking beer... a LOT!