Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bring on the Restriction!

I had to call my surgeon's office on Monday because I was in such desperate need of a fill. Went in yesterday and what should have been a simple 20 minute appt turned into an hour and a half ordeal. Stepped on the scale and it read 206...which made me want to cry, of course. However my BP was 90/68 and my pulse was in the high 60's. Freaking AWESOME! My resting heart rate used to always be 90+. The PA came in and we talked about what my goal weight was. I told her I want to be at 170 and she said that sounded good, but not to be surprised if when I hit 170 I decide I want to be 5-10 lbs lower. Since I am now a case pay patient I can go in as often as I need for fills, so I will go back in 2 weeks for another one. They took out 3cc last appt (when I was so swollen I couldn't even keep water down) so this time they put 1cc back in. I don't feel any real difference today so the next one should do something, but they will only do .5cc at a time from now on until I hit my sweet spot again.

The poor PA who was trying to do my fill was not having any luck with finding where to stick my port. We would think she got it but then nope. She tried for about 10 minutes the first time and then only tried twice the second stick. She was so apologetic and was afraid she was hurting me but I told her after surgery, nothing will be considered too painful to me when it comes to my abdominal area :-) She did have to go get Brian, who is the PA I usually have, and he got it the first time. He said she was right there but just being a millimeter off with the angle will get you. I felt bad for her because she has been having a rough week with ports. LOL

Came back to work feeling pretty good. Drank my smoothie and then had nothing but water the rest of the day. My husband made dinner for he and our boy but I wanted to stab him for waiting until I got home to do it...especially since I worked late. The smell was killing me so I went to bed at 8:00. However, you always forget how much you lose when you are on liquids only for 24 hrs. I was down to 202 this morning. I will be happy when I am under 200 again and working my way down to my goal weight.

I found out the other day that my gym membership isn't up until June, so I am not sure why I was thinking April. NO EXCUSES!! Even if it is just doing Zumba in my family room, I need to get moving again. I wanted to be at 100 lbs lost by my 1 year but I will settle for whatever I have because I would have earned that. It will still be considerably less than I was a year ago!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Boy Oh Boy

I have been avoiding the scale....a LOT. For someone who would weigh herself every day, you know that is big. Why have I been avoiding it? Because I know how I have been eating...and how much I have been eating. I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 206. 206!!!! I have gained 7 POUNDS since my emergency unfill. Holy shit!

I called and set up an appointment to get in on Wednesday to get some restriction again. I am so disappointed with myself. I can't believe I let that happen. I haven't been weighing my food, just guesstimating what I am eating, and I am eating whenever I get the urge...which is every couple of hours. I miss not being hungry for 5-6 hours at a time. I don't miss getting stuck, but it is reality check time. I am a month away from my 1 year bandiversary and haven't gotten to where I want to be. My eating sucks the past few weeks (I say new job stress), my gym membership expired yesterday (which I haven't used in over 6 months!!) and I need to get it together!

On a positive note, we are getting some awesome deals from our Bountiful Baskets and I canned for the first time yesterday! We added 25 lbs of carrots and 25 lbs of Roma tomatoes to our order this past week. I didn't realize just how many carrots are in 25 lbs. Holy monkey. I canned 10 pints of them and the hubby has dehydrated probably 10 lbs. We are still left with 10 lbs and getting creative in using them up! My tomatoes aren't ripe enough to use for sauce and canning, but I can't wait for them to be ready so I can try these yummy recipes! I am liking the idea of actually knowing what is in my food now, so I am going to be doing more things like this. I'm making brussel sprouts for dinner tonight, so wish me luck!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ham Detox

Happy Belated Easter to all! I had a very laid back, easy going day. Those are quickly becoming my favorite types of holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love having family and friends together for special days, but it is equally as nice to have just the 3 of us (or 6 if you count the dogs) together for the day.

I cooked a honey glazed ham, southern green beans (OMG) and mashed sweet potatoes. I was channeling the cooking skills of a 55 yr old southern woman yesterday. It was all pretty incredible though! The green beans and potatoes in the the southern green beans were from our Bountiful Basket as well as the sweet potatoes. And let me tell you something, those were the most flavorful and tasty sweet potatoes I have ever had!! I LOVE our Bountiful Baskets! However today I am paying for the eating yesterday. Not that I overdid it, but just what I ate. You forget that ham blows you up like a balloon with all of the sodium in it! I have been drinking like a camel today to flush it all out...but since we are having leftovers for dinner tonight it may not matter ;-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Can BLOG Again!!

I was prevented from doing so for a few weeks at the old office. Yup, I am now at a new job and feel wonderful about it!! Working with a really nice sole practitioner and there is NO drama. It is a beautiful thing!! I am learning all there is to know about criminal law, which is something I have never done in 12 yrs of being a paralegal, so it is new and exciting! My work days fly by and I am half the distance to my house :-) Hubby spent a few weeks down in TX and came home last Friday with his A&P license, so he is scurrying to find a job now. Hoping something happens for him quickly!

On the weight loss front, it is on hiatus. I can eat anything. I have ZERO restriction since they fixed me by taking out 3 cc when I wasn't able to consume anything. Does that mean I am eating anything and everything? No. I am restraining myself. I am holding off on going back in for a fill because I will be a cash pay patient now. What is cool is that I pay $175 and I am good for 3 months. I can go in as many times as I want. I just don't have the extra money until my husband starts working, so it is all on me to behave and not eat everything in sight. But it is weird to be able to eat and not worry about getting stuck. Like, for instance, I am enjoying a lovely wet bean & cheese burrito from Roberto's for lunch today. I have only eaten 1/3 of it because I am full, but the tortilla goes right down. So for now I am not losing weight, but I am also not gaining so that makes me happy. I have been doing some working out finally and tried my Zumba Wii game. Holy crap does that work you out! I was sore from dancing. DANCING!! I may not be losing weight for now, but I am fitting into some 14's and that makes up for it. I haven't been in 14's since my son was 6 (so 8 yrs)!!

Anywhoodles, I hope to get back on here on a regular basis again. I think I have progress pictures that I am supposed to do tomorrow and am not really looking forward to that, but oh well. I will probably spend the next week catching up on everyone else's posts, but it is good to be back!