Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventures In Cheese Waxing

I have said on here before that I am somewhat of a "prepper." Not prepping for a certain event, just being prepared for what may come in the future. As we have seen the past year, you never know how your family can be affected by things that happen in the world. I have done food storage for almost 4 yrs now and it came in very handy for my family during difficult financial times. I am also making more band friendly decisions in my food storage for me to be able to eat what we have stored! No rice, bread or pasta for me, so I am getting more creative :-) So I have followed in the footsteps of the Preparedness Pro (LOVE her) and started making more shelf stable food for my pantry that I can actually eat. I have already preserved dozens of eggs to make them shelf stable, but today my mom and I waxed cheese. It was a little more work than I thought it would be, but it is super cool! I have 13 lbs to do and did 6 today. Some things I would have done differently? Used more wax and/or a less wide and deeper bowl for dipping. Since I don't have an actual double boiler I just did a metal bowl in a big pot. I needed more depth. Here are some photos of our cheese waxing day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Week Late. 41 Weeks Post-Op (With Pictures)

I was so wrapped up with NASCAR last week that I forgot to do my 40 week photos! I definitely see the difference between last month and this month, so that makes me happy. I finally saw 199 on the scale 2 weeks ago and that thrilled me to no end. I have also had people telling me the past week how I look like I have lost so much more weight. According to the doctor's office this morning it has only been 7 lbs in the past month, but it is all good! This month on top, last month on the bottom! (Pardon my bra straps all over the place)

Emergency Unfill

I can't eat!! Haven't been able to for 2 days. I have been getting stuck a lot the past few weeks but it has gotten so bad that I finally admit defeat and am going in to see my doctor. Fix me!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We had SO much fun this past weekend! You always forget how exhausting a weekend out at the track is though. My driver came in 6th on Sunday which made me happy! Danica didn't crash on Saturday which made my husband happy. LOL.

I didn't eat a whole lot because, well, I couldn't. I got stuck each day we were out there. I ate shrimp too fast on Friday, took too big of bites of my brat (that was cut up like a child's) on Saturday and couldn't eat the ribs on Sunday, which broke my heart. However, we did lots of walking and lots of step climbing. No alcohol for any of us the entire weekend and it was still a blast!

I remembered that my son and I had a photo taken last year so I had my mom do another one this year. The second one is farther away, but you can see the point I am making. Not only is my son 8 inches taller, but I think I look a little better :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Thing I Am 75 Pounds Lighter

My poor hubby. He went on a guys camp out on Saturday and our son & I met them out there on Sunday morning for a day of outdoorsy fun. It was a beautiful day out here in the desert except for the wind, so I stayed bundled up for most of the time we were out there. Did some shooting, discovered a new gun that I want (The Judge!) and went riding the quads. Hubby and I went out together and we had a whoopsie moment. That would be, I dumped us off of the quad. Whoops. He was holding onto me so when he went off, that took me with him. He fell about 5 feet flat onto his back and I came down as well. I tried to use my hand to break my fall on the ground, but fell onto him after that. I also kept my feet planted against the quad to keep it from rolling over on us. Poor guy. Granted I have lost a lot of weight, but that was still 200 lbs of wife that came crashing down on him after his fall. To say he is sore is an understatement. I was stiff getting out of bed yesterday morning so I KNOW he is hurting :-/

This week is a quick one for me. It is NASCAR week!! This is a weekend we plan for for about 4 months. I LOVE NASCAR weekend. It is fun, it is exciting and it is freaking exhausting! This will be my first "dry" NASCAR weekend. I usually drink about 8-10 beers a day, starting at 7:00 a.m. Since I can't drink beer anymore, I guess I will remember most of this weekend! :-D I'll post photos on Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Drumroll Please

Wait for it......

Wait for it......

Yes that is a ONE as the first number of my weight. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Now to get a few more numbers below that so I have some cushion between onederland and 200. 9 months and 75 lbs down!!