Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back on the Downward Slope

With the move finished, I am actually able to cook and eat as I should. 4 weeks of eating out every meal SUCKS!! Especially when you are trying to lose weight. Now yes, there were healthy options I could have chosen, but I went the cheap route. If I never eat Taco Bell again (for at least 2 months), it will be too soon. So tired of it!!!

It is so amazing to be able to enjoy a healthy dinner and not have to worry about packing, painting or cleaning. Well, I'm helping to clean my mom's house and still transporting things from Vegas to Mesa but my stress level has dropped 90%. First drive down to AZ with a load of things that were left will be this weekend. I can't wait to actually be able to use my cooking supplies and am ESPECIALLY excited to do my Bountiful Baskets again! Yay for veggies and fruit!! Yay for healthy cooking and eating! Yay for having my kitchen stuff....on the weekends.

Short blog entry tonight, but I did want to share that after 3 months of not seeing the scale move from between 200-203, look at the treat I got to experience yesterday! :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!

I know, really? A month to blog? I promise I wanted to, but I have been sooooooo busy. Things are FINALLY calming down some. We are all moved out of our house in Las Vegas and are actually moving into our house in Mesa this weekend. I will post pictures when I get down there tomorrow and actually see it. Yes, me, the control freak of all control freaks, allowed my husband and son to pick out our home in AZ. The pictures look nice, however, and I am excited to move things in and decorate. It will be my "weekend vacation home" since I am staying in Las Vegas until next summer.

On the weight loss front, there isn't much to report. I ate out every single day for a month. I am so tired of takeout food. I miss my fresh meals and fruits & veggies. However, I didn't gain anything which is a very good thing. But I didn't lose either. I am holding steady at 200 lbs, which means I still have 30 to go. Since I am now living with my mom I will get more opportunities to exercise because she built on an exercise room to her house that was finished up right before all of the packing of my house started. YAY!! Working out at home in an actual gym is going to be awesome! No excuses, right? Right, because I have weight and inches to lose!!

I will be blogging regularly from now on and will post pictures again because it really does help hold me accountable in my journey. Sorry for the lagging posts, but my life was beyond crazy for about 2 months :-) No posting this weekend because I will be loving on my family and setting up house. Hope you have a great one and I will be back next week!!