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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is This How It's Done?

I seriously have no idea what I am doing when it comes to blogging, but I think I get the gist of it...write your thoughts and let the world (or no one) read them :-)

I am having LapBand surgery on Friday, May 27th and decided to start this blog to document my journey not only for others, but for myself as well. We tend to forget where we started and this will be a good reminder.

I know that there are several people who are not terribly supportive of me going under the knife to lose weight, but to be honest, I really don't care. I am doing this for me, for my health. I don't think I need to "explain" myself, but I am going to list the answers to some questions that I have received in the past few weeks. Maybe you naysayers will understand a little more after reading:

1. Why are you doing this?
- Why? Because I am extremely unhealthy. I have hypertension, PCOS, borderline diabetes and am 110 lbs overweight! Why wouldn't I do this?! It was not a quick decision...it is something I considered for 2 years but was too chicken to pursue because I viewed it as the "easy way" out, just as many people do. I have learned that it is very much the opposite.

2. Why choose surgery? Didn't you do well on Weight Watchers/Atkins/Phentermine/Herbalife?
- Yes, for the 10 years off and on WW (and other WL methods) I did well...until the past 4 years. I have gained 50 lbs since getting married. I struggled to lose 20 lbs before my wedding and not for lack of trying. I worked out 4-5 days a week for 1-2 hrs at a time. I followed my points. I hired a private trainer and gained 15 lbs in that year (and no, not from "muscle")! I was diagnosed with PCOS in January and it all clicked. It is VERY difficult for me to lose weight simply because of the fact my hormones are out of control and over the past 5 months we have not been able to get them under lock and key.

3. Does your family support you?
- Most of them do, yes. My husband, son and mom (who are local) are excited for me to be given this chance and want to see me as the person I was so long ago. While I am happy, I was so much happier 80 lbs ago :-) My sister and step-mom are in IA and while my sister is excited for me, my step-mom was/is nervous about what I am getting into, but feels better since she read up on it. My dad is in his own world and I really don't think he cares either way :-) My in-laws are supportive and have also seen my battle first hand.
My work & Slumber family is supportive as well. My bosses love to tease me but see how excited I am, and my PIC (Partner In Crime) KL is awesome as always. She has even volunteered to take all of the contents of my snack drawer ;-)

4. Are you scared?
- Yes. Sh*tless in fact. Scared of the first surgery I will ever have. Scared of completely changing the way I eat (or even look at/think of food for that matter). Scared of having issues in public because I ate too fast or took too big of a bite or didn't chew enough. Scared about eating out and being scared to eat. Not being able to enjoy Aliante (or any) buffet anymore (gasp). BUT I know that I will have the support of my family and close friends (2 who have had WLS themselves) to help me succeed and, of course, the staff at Dr. Atkinson's office.

5. How fast will you lose weight?
- It all depends on me and my friend "the band" (I am thinking I should give it a name). They say generally you have a big loss the 1st month and then things slow down. I was told to expect 1-2 lbs a week, so I am setting the goal have lost 75% of my excess weight (or 80 lbs) in the first year. Usually you reach your ultimate weight loss at 18-20 months. I have already found a dress for Slumber Parties Annual Convention next year and it is 10 sizes smaller than what I currently wear now. :-)

6.Will you have the band removed after you lose your weight?
- Hell no! I still have my retainer in from when I was a teen...this sucker is not going anywhere.

I think that, for the most part, covered the questions I get regularly. I will be posting my "before" pictures on here as I will have my husband take them the night before surgery and will take comparison pictures every 20 lbs or 2 months...unless I am feeling particularly hot some day and just post for the heck of it. I really am quite the camera whore, even if I am a chunky monkey :-)


  1. I can't wait to see how it all works out for you. It is a huge decision to go under the knife for what most people deem unnecessary reasons but I know that you wouldn't do it if it wasn't going to be what is best for you. I can't wait to see you in your killer new body!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you'll keep us posted. And just so you know, your family in AJ supports you too! :)

  3. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club BAND

  4. Thanks girls!

    Michelle, edited ;-) I just lump all family in together.

  5. Hey Michelle,
    We didn't even know that this was something that you were facing...that probably comes from being away for a long time. Congratulations on your decision and our prayers are with you that you will reach the goals that you've set for yourself! Stay strong!
    Nate & Family

  6. Good luck girl. My mom has it. I think she has lost 25 pounds (she doesn't eat right with it LOL)
    Stay on top of the doctors. My mom wasn't loosing weight and the nurses just kept making it tighter and tighter. She wasn't able to keep anything down. The doctor looked at it and told her it was 5x what it should have been and fixed it. I know you and I know you won't let that happen to you. LOL.
    Good luck. Best advice I can give you is to go to the meetings for it. The girl at my work got the band and went to the meetings and she lost 80 pounds. She said the meetings really help and journaling about your food works too.
    GOOD LUCK!!!