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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bring on the Restriction!

I had to call my surgeon's office on Monday because I was in such desperate need of a fill. Went in yesterday and what should have been a simple 20 minute appt turned into an hour and a half ordeal. Stepped on the scale and it read 206...which made me want to cry, of course. However my BP was 90/68 and my pulse was in the high 60's. Freaking AWESOME! My resting heart rate used to always be 90+. The PA came in and we talked about what my goal weight was. I told her I want to be at 170 and she said that sounded good, but not to be surprised if when I hit 170 I decide I want to be 5-10 lbs lower. Since I am now a case pay patient I can go in as often as I need for fills, so I will go back in 2 weeks for another one. They took out 3cc last appt (when I was so swollen I couldn't even keep water down) so this time they put 1cc back in. I don't feel any real difference today so the next one should do something, but they will only do .5cc at a time from now on until I hit my sweet spot again.

The poor PA who was trying to do my fill was not having any luck with finding where to stick my port. We would think she got it but then nope. She tried for about 10 minutes the first time and then only tried twice the second stick. She was so apologetic and was afraid she was hurting me but I told her after surgery, nothing will be considered too painful to me when it comes to my abdominal area :-) She did have to go get Brian, who is the PA I usually have, and he got it the first time. He said she was right there but just being a millimeter off with the angle will get you. I felt bad for her because she has been having a rough week with ports. LOL

Came back to work feeling pretty good. Drank my smoothie and then had nothing but water the rest of the day. My husband made dinner for he and our boy but I wanted to stab him for waiting until I got home to do it...especially since I worked late. The smell was killing me so I went to bed at 8:00. However, you always forget how much you lose when you are on liquids only for 24 hrs. I was down to 202 this morning. I will be happy when I am under 200 again and working my way down to my goal weight.

I found out the other day that my gym membership isn't up until June, so I am not sure why I was thinking April. NO EXCUSES!! Even if it is just doing Zumba in my family room, I need to get moving again. I wanted to be at 100 lbs lost by my 1 year but I will settle for whatever I have because I would have earned that. It will still be considerably less than I was a year ago!

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