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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Can BLOG Again!!

I was prevented from doing so for a few weeks at the old office. Yup, I am now at a new job and feel wonderful about it!! Working with a really nice sole practitioner and there is NO drama. It is a beautiful thing!! I am learning all there is to know about criminal law, which is something I have never done in 12 yrs of being a paralegal, so it is new and exciting! My work days fly by and I am half the distance to my house :-) Hubby spent a few weeks down in TX and came home last Friday with his A&P license, so he is scurrying to find a job now. Hoping something happens for him quickly!

On the weight loss front, it is on hiatus. I can eat anything. I have ZERO restriction since they fixed me by taking out 3 cc when I wasn't able to consume anything. Does that mean I am eating anything and everything? No. I am restraining myself. I am holding off on going back in for a fill because I will be a cash pay patient now. What is cool is that I pay $175 and I am good for 3 months. I can go in as many times as I want. I just don't have the extra money until my husband starts working, so it is all on me to behave and not eat everything in sight. But it is weird to be able to eat and not worry about getting stuck. Like, for instance, I am enjoying a lovely wet bean & cheese burrito from Roberto's for lunch today. I have only eaten 1/3 of it because I am full, but the tortilla goes right down. So for now I am not losing weight, but I am also not gaining so that makes me happy. I have been doing some working out finally and tried my Zumba Wii game. Holy crap does that work you out! I was sore from dancing. DANCING!! I may not be losing weight for now, but I am fitting into some 14's and that makes up for it. I haven't been in 14's since my son was 6 (so 8 yrs)!!

Anywhoodles, I hope to get back on here on a regular basis again. I think I have progress pictures that I am supposed to do tomorrow and am not really looking forward to that, but oh well. I will probably spend the next week catching up on everyone else's posts, but it is good to be back!

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