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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Running....On Purpose!

I have never been a runner...I have always hated it because I can never do it correctly and get frustrated. Well, I am pretending to be a runner now. My son and I participated in the 8k trail run as a part of the Lost Dutchman Marathon on Sunday and it was ROUGH. Very loose sand, so it was like running on the beach with 5 million rocks that tried to make you roll and break your ankle every 5 feet. My goal was to finish it in less than 1 hr 15 min and I finished in 1 hr 8 min, so that made me happy. My awesome son ran it in 58 min. I told him that if he was faster than me, to GO. Was very proud of him for completing it with me. It was so much tougher than I thought it would be. I honestly think the 10k on the road would have been easier. Oh well, at least we did it! Here are some photos of my boy and me from the run.
I thought they said rum!

My "little boy" and me the Superstition Mtns. behind us

 Start/Finish Line

Getting ready to start!

 Finished...where the hell is my water! Oh yeah, I took two. I was a little parched.

Proud but pooped. I am so not cute all sweaty and flushed with no makeup.

 Dirty Shoes

I have decided that over the next year I will continue to run and will complete the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon next February. I have a running coach lined up to help me and will register as soon as it opens. I will do it and I will complete it. My husband, son and I will also run in various events each month and we already have our next two planned, the Salute a Soldier 5k in March and Pat's Run, to support the Pat Tillman Foundation, in April. Are you sensing a pattern? With my husband being a veteran, we are all about supporting the troops/veterans and this gives him reason to participate in the runs as well. The 5k should be a pretty easy run, and Pat's Run is 4.2 miles...ending on the 42 yard line of ASU stadium. Very fun that we will be able to run onto the field but the run up to the stadium will be killer. If you have ever been there, you understand. If you haven't, all you need to know is it is built into a mountain in the middle of Tempe :-)

Have you done running events? Anyone ever do a half or even a full marathon? Please share your stories and advice and get running!!

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