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Friday, October 14, 2011

20 Weeks Today

If I were pregnant I would say I was half baked. Since I am not pregnant (nor will I be) I will broadcast it here. My band 20 weeks today!! :-)

Almost 5 months since I had surgery. It doesn't seem like it should be even 2 months! Time has gone by so fast, and I realized this morning that I need to get my happy butt back to the gym because laying around at night isn't helping me hit my goals. I was happy to step on the scale and be back to what I weighed 3 weeks ago. There wasn't a huge difference that I could see in my pictures from last month to this month, but I decided to go ahead and post before and after from pre-surgery to this morning. I can definitely see a difference there! LOL. I will say that looking at by before pictures I am ashamed that I looked like that...that I let myself get to that. I never felt big. Ever. I thought I looked good, so I am happy that I had/have a high self esteem, because looking back now, I am shocked. I am the skinny girl trapped in a fat body.

*edit* I did go back and look at last month's pictures and there is a definite difference in my waist....how I don't know, but there is, so I will take it! :-)

Even though I didn't have the best comparison shot morning, I am still in a really good mood and I think that is because FINALLY my son played in most of his football game last night. They got spanked, but it was still awesome to see him out there on the offensive line...and he was SO happy that he played so much. I haven't seen him that happy all season! I'm such a proud mom!!!


  1. YAY YOU!! You look amazing!! Look at how much belly is gone my friend!! I need to blog again and put up some pictures... so what's your total now? I'm over 75 pounds gone... and six months out. I think this band is working exactly as it was intended to for both of us.. at least, that's how it looks! Congrats!!

  2. Yes you do! I can't wait to see your new pictures!

    I am down 50 lbs officially...it should be more but I had a slight hiccup after gaining 6 lbs following the unfill I had. I guess that is what happens when you literally starve for 2 1/2 weeks because your band was too tight :-/

  3. Even if it doesn't feel like progress, just think how much better you are now than if you didn't have the band. You're looking great!

  4. You look terrific! I can see a huge difference!