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Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's Play "What Has Michelle Eaten Today?"

Or more like what HAVEN'T I eaten today. That is what it feels like, at least. I ran out of the house so I didn't eat breakfast. Mistake #1. Then I forgot my lunch on the island in my kitchen. Mistake #2. So at 10:30 my PIC and I went to Cafe Rio. We usually order something and share it just because the servings are so big there. Then, our law clerk passed the bar exam yesterday so we ordered pizza (Grimaldis..YUM!!) at 12:00 and I had 1/2 a slice, even though I wasn't hungry. I also picked up cupcakes and cookies for us to celebrate this afternoon. I feel like a heifer. I must be all recovered from my "too tight" episode before because I can definitely eat more than 3 oz and get hungry more often. Looks like I will be getting a .5cc fill in a couple of weeks because I have not lost anything since I had the previous fill taken out. In fact, I gained. I gained 6 lbs!! I know a lot of that was water because it is coming off every day, but still. The fact that I can actually drink water is a good thing, because it is helping to flush out my system. I have a sneaking suspicion that knowing my hubby is leaving at any time is fueling my extra eating too. Remember what I said about triggers? They are a big bitch.

We are starting back up at the gym this weekend and I know that will help, but it is still frustrating to do this to yourself. I have 16 week pictures to take in 1 week...I need to see a difference!! Gah!!

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