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Friday, December 9, 2011

28 Weeks (With Pictures)

Yesterday I learned something about my band....it is a LOT more full than I thought it was. I must have misunderstood what I was told during my 2nd fill because I thought I was at 3cc after my 2nd fill (meaning she put in 1cc). No. She put in 3cc so I was actually at 5cc in my band. Holy shit! No wonder I was getting stuck all the time! So when I went in because of the issues I was having, she took out 1cc so I was at 4cc. Last month I got .6cc and yesterday .4cc so I am back up to 5cc in my 10cc band. However, he doesn't expect that I will have the issues I did before because I am 25 lbs lighter, so I have less fat around my stomach.

I weighed in this morning at UNDER 215 so I am super excited that I have officially lost 60 lbs. Sweet!! Only 50 more to go! ;-)

Here are my comparison pictures...sorry again that last month's were so dark!! My tummy looks funny because of the drawstring on my pants and I think I look lumpy, but other than that, I'm happy with this month's results :-)

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