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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can You Tell Which Of These People Has Had Weight Loss Surgery?

Look very closely....which one looks like she took the "easy" way out?

Think you know? Well it was both of us. Meet my friend Patsi. She underwent weight loss surgery 22 months ago and has lost 140 lbs. Now she had a different procedure than I did (gastric sleeve) but she is HALF the person she was before her surgery. HALF!!! I tried to slouch down enough so I didn't look like a giant next to her, but it was no use with the 2 inch heels my boots had on them. Patsi was a huge supporter of mine when I thought about having surgery. She didn't judge, she didn't wonder why, she was simply a friend who listened and gave me her opinion. Now I had to post the comment about us taking the easy way out of things because we were discussing yesterday how this has been one of the hardest things we have gone through. Last night was our Las Vegas Slumber Parties Christmas party and what goes along with Christmas parties? FOOD! And lots of it. We do potluck style and there was a ton of it. Patsi and I are limited to the amount of food we can eat so obviously things like that can be a bummer. I find myself looking around at other people's plates now wherever I am. I am not judging, I am just looking. Would I have loved to pile up food on my plate like others were able to? Uh, yeah. Could I? Uh, no. Did I overdo it a little bit? Yup. Even taking a little bit of everything doesn't work for me because when there is a large variety of food around, that little bit adds up to way too much. But it was fun.

We always do a gift exchange at our party but do the cut throat version where you can steal anything up to 3 times. It is more challenging that way. LOL. Anyway, I am ALWAYS first or second and get screwed over multiple times so I was super excited when I drew the last number. Hahahahahaaaa. Finally vengeance would be mine! I got to watch everyone open up gifts and only 1 thing was not available for theft. Well I stole from one of the girls but she stole from her mom and then her mom stole her item back. Bitches. ;-) So I was scanning the room for what I could steal when I was persuaded to open the last gift that was available. I did and opened up this
I LOVE it. And it just so happened to be the gift that Patsi brought. It was meant to be :-)


  1. That necklace is so beauitful!!! Keep up all your hard work! :-)

  2. Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comment about VGS. That would be great if your friend is willing to email with me. We all know the negatives of the band are being too tight or too lose, PBing and the tightness being fickle at different times. My question is...what are the negatives of the sleeve?

    Thanks again.


    p.s. you're looking great!

  3. Thanks Kerri! I will pass on your information to her and I am sure she will be happy to talk things over with you to help you with your decision :-)