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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

I have had this song in my head all day because I have heard it at least 4 times today. So catchy you can't help but sing it. Plus it is the topic of today's blog :-)

Yesterday was my 35th birthday and we had a good day. Started it at the DMV since I forgot that my drivers license expired on my birthday, but fortunately I have a terrific contact at the DMV and it makes everything much easier, so we were in and out in about 20 min. Sweet! We had a great lunch at P.F. Changs (their chicken lettuce wraps are to die for!) and today I had a nice surprise on the scale. 217. So close to 60 lbs lost for good! My P.I.C. and I decided we are going to do a "liquid diet" next week because of how many treats are going to be coming into the office...they have already started. We both need a kick in the pants with our weight loss and I know that I can do liquids. For me that means 2-3 shakes or soup plus one meal. I also have a fill on Tuesday and will be on liquids for that 24 hr period, might as well extend it to push me past my 60 lb mark.

The NFR (Nat'l Finals Rodeo) is always this time of year and it is fun to see all of the cowboys in town. I am still hoping to be able to score some tickets to the rodeo because it is awesome to watch! Today we went to the Cowboy Christmas at the convention center and it was a blast. I haven't been to it in years and spent a little over 3 hrs there with my family. I plan on having a "rustic" themed living room and got some great ideas and contacts for my decor. My mom and I stopped in one of the clothing booths and tried on lots of super cute jeans. Blingy butt jeans as I call them. I haven't ever had a pair because I never wanted to draw attn to my rear end. My mom bought a couple cute pair and she looks awesome in them. I am determined to end up with a butt as cute as hers by the end of my journey...she is pretty damn hot for a 58 yr old! :-) I bought 2 pair myself because of the deal they had on them and because I feel comfortable enough to now flaunt a bedazzled booty. Check them out....and the size I was able to buy!!

YAY!!! Happy Birthday to Me!! For someone who started this in a size 22W, this is beyond exciting!

They are a bit tight, as are the other size 16's I bought, but another 10 lbs gone and they will be perfect...so I have faith that I will be in them comfortably by the new year. My "muffin top" is already less noticeable in the 15/16's I bought today than it was in the 16's I tried on on Black Friday. Very motivating! I have also scored some really good deals at Kohls the past week. All items in a large and/or size 16. I am losing at a slow and steady pace so I don't worry about "stocking up" on items. Between sales, discounts, Kohls cash and a birthday gift card I have gotten 1 sweater, 3 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of dress slacks and a skirt for only $40. SUHWEET!! It helps to have awesome deals when you are trying to restock your wardrobe. I have given several items away but I think I am going to start posting various pieces of clothing that I have available on here, so that will be something I start in the next few weeks. I know others can benefit from my old clothes, and then my husband won't be mad when I bring home new items ;-)

Hope you all have a great week!!

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