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Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Day Juice Fast

Yup, I bit. Made the family watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Saturday and my son and I decided to do a 10 day juice fast. I like the idea of the cleansing aspect of it and not having to use supplements to keep *ahem* regular (which is 20 times worse since having surgery). I have been doing occasional juicing but will go full fledged for the 10 day fast to kick start my weight loss again and just transform how I get my nutrients. We have almost gone through all of the juice packs and our baskets from the past 2 weekends so I am going to have to go buy produce from a local market to keep my son supplied. Fortunately there is a market that sells primarily produce not too far from our house and their pricing is a little more expensive than Bountiful Baskets, but much cheaper than other grocery stores.

I have tried to get away from as much processed food as I can the past few months, but it is hard! When you get back in the habit of eating junk, it can be tough to break from it again. Fast food is going to be the toughest one to break. I have been doing really well since the beginning of the year, cooking more at home and bringing lunch from home, but we tend to want to eat out when we are together on the weekends in order to "save time" so we waste money and eat crap. I am happy to report that this weekend, with me being here 4 days, we have not eaten out aside from at the Suns game on Thursday night.

I am also going to the gym. An actual gym. First time being in a gym in, I'm not going to lie, almost a year. Since we are doing the 8k trail run as a part of the Lost Dutchman Marathon next month, I need to get running!! It is beautiful weather this weekend (after nearly freezing to death last weekend) and I am hoping that I stays nice so I can do evening runs after work. Good thing about getting off work at 4:30...there is still daylight when I get home. I hate running on the treadmill so if I am able to run around my mom's neighborhood I will do it more often.

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  1. Hi Michelle
    Good to heard about your 10 day juice cleanses detox with your son. Fruits and vegetable juices are fully loaded with minerals and vitamins and very beneficial for health. I am also a great juice lover and I used to do juice cleanse every quarter.I have already completed 3 juice cleanse programs and living healthy and fit after this.