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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!! Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog.

I knew it had been a while since I visited my blog, but yikes, I didn't know it has been over 3 months! In my defense (read, excuses) I had a major laptop malfunction in Sept/Oct and just replaced it in early Dec. Aside from that, I have been working, doing the occasional party and traveling every weekend to Mesa to be with my husband and son. Yup, I am STILL doing that. I thought it would get easier with time, and some weeks it is, for the most part it sucks. But I LOVE my job here and my husband LOVES his job in Mesa. I guess we could have bigger problems, right? 

So much has happened in the past few months. We went to our first NFL game as a family for our son's birthday and that was a lot of fun. I also went to every home game that my son had with his own football team and that was always a thrill!
Eagles v. Cardinals. I was Switzerland.

Proud Football Mama!

In October I chopped off my hair....14 inches to be exact! Talk about exhilarating! You can't tell in this photo but it is a cute A-line bob. I was scared to go above shoulder length but the back was right at the top of my shoulders. It has grown about an inch since it cut it.

My SIL got married on November 9th and my hubby & I celebrated our 5th anniversary on November 10th.
Beautiful Bride and Handsome Hubby!

On our anniversary, since our photographer, Maryann, was in AZ shooting the wedding, we had family photos taken at the Scottsdale Civic Center and here are a few of my favs.


The weekend after our anniversary my boss took us out for our office holiday party and it was QUITE the event! The hubby and I took advantage of the occasion to actually celebrate our anniversary and stayed on the strip in order to avoid any drinking and driving. Our evening included dinner at Lakeside at the Wynn and then we saw the final performance of Garth Brooks!! It was so fun to get all dolled up and have an evening out! To say that evening was phenomenal would be an understatement! Have I ever mentioned how awesome my job is??

I have also neglected maintaining any sort of diet and the scale reflects it. Remember in September me freaking out about being 204? Well, now the holidays have come and gone and all I can say is oy vey. I weighed in last Friday at 208. Admitting that I have put on 19 lbs since Sept makes me sick to my stomach. I had a lot of fluid taken out of my band in October because of being too tight and not being able to get anything down for a day, found out that I can eat ALL SORTS of bad stuff again and went to town. I also have not worked out since the summer. Yup...over 6 months. I will do this and that every now and then, but nothing true where I can say I actually exercised. To say that I have had some self reckoning is an understatement. I realized I did really, really good when I was blogging and was "held accountable" to who knows how many people, so I am going to make my resolution to blog at least once a week.   I have connected with my old trainer and she is creating an exercise regimen for me to follow at home in my mom's home gym, I am going to start running again (well, jogging) to build back my endurance, and I am going in to see my surgeon for a fill on the 10th. This week I am signing up for a 8K trail run that will be President's Day weekend as a part of the Lost Dutchman Marathon. I did the 2 mile fun run 5 years ago and thought I was going to die. Ha!

May 27th will mark 2 years since surgery and while I realize I may not be at my goal weight of 170, I have GOT to be at 180 by then. That is a LOT of weight to drop in 5 months. I am going to keep my goal weight in mind every day and push to get there. I was so close a few months ago and reverted back to my old ways of snacking, continuing to eat even though I was full/not weighing my food (SO not good for a bandster) and just eating crap instead of what I am supposed to. I have done a lot of eating out since the move took place and need/want to get cooking again. I find that cooking, along with canning and gardening, are very therapeutic for me and help to make time go by during the week. I have also learned about making things that I would buy at the store (ie, peanut and almond butter) and know how to make it without all of the crap they put in it!

So there you have it! I'm back and laying it all out there for everyone to see again. Happy New Year!!

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