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Sunday, November 27, 2011

6 Month Bandiversary

6 months. SIX MONTHS!!!! A half year ago I underwent the most frightening thing I have yet to go through (yes, including childbirth). Today where am I? Let's see. I am off of the medications I was taking (Metformin & high blood pressure meds). I am 57 lbs lighter. I am 4-6 clothing sizes smaller than I was. Along with the excess weight I have lost so far I have lost a good portion of my boobs, but I am dealing with that. I FEEL and look so much better!!! I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans at Kohl's at 12:30 a.m. on Black Friday and they buttoned, zipped AND I was able to breathe in them. They do still provide a lovely little muffin top, but it will go away soon. I bought those suckers and told my husband to wrap them up for me for Christmas because that is all I want is to fit into them comfortably!

I am attaching 2 photos. The first photo is me at my highest weight 3 weeks before surgery and the second is me yesterday.

This is me at 275 (being silly at a baseball game with my P.I.C.):

And this was me yesterday (with my purple .22):
I am rocking the http://www.danielmeyerblog.com/ t-shirt in a size large, thank you very much...and it is roomy! BTW, please check out our friend Dan's website. He is a former co-worker of my husband's (Air Force) who has a very rare lung disease caused by his exposure to the burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are working hard to get information about his condition out so that we can get those who are ignoring these troops being affected by this to do something about it so that no one else has to suffer. If you wouldn't mind sharing with others, it would be greatly appreciated. He is a great guy who deserves to have a long life with his beautiful wife and family.

I still have 53 lbs to lose to be at my goal weight. I still have 6 months before I hit my 1 year mark. I got this!! My next goal is to be comfortably in a size 16 by Christmas, and then I want to be at 210 by New Years (2012 will be a GREAT year for me...especially when I reach onederland for the first time in 6 yrs!). Seeing how much has happened in the first six months makes me very excited to see what I am able to accomplish in the next six months.

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I was unable to eat 1/4 of what I usually eat on this holiday but still enjoyed myself all the same! :-D


  1. Happy Bandiversary!! It was mine too. I can't wait to see what the next six month brings for us.

  2. You look great! I'm almost to 50 lbs lost but I haven't lost that many clothing sizes yet :[ My hips are the last part of me to lose weight! Yay for being pear-shaped!