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Friday, September 16, 2011

16 Weeks...49 Pounds (With Pictures!)

This morning I woke up feeling good....really good. I had to pick out a smaller comparison outfit because the other is so big (VERY exciting). Now, I do look a little lumpier than normal and look like I have more rolls, but that is because I have a regular bra on (rather than a sports bra) and again, my pants are a size smaller, but I don't care. I saw such a crazy difference myself just getting dressed so, of course, I was excited with the pictures. I am almost at my halfway mark and I was only 4 lbs away from my 10% goal, so I am pleased. I will be completely honest, I was shocked by the number on the scale this week. I know I am eating less, but we went to Texas de Brazil for my son's birthday and I figured the lack of water and excess amount of salt from there would still be lingering in my system. I am officially down 49 lbs since the start of my journey. That averages to a little over 3 lbs a week which is right on track. Lets hope that next month shows a much bigger drop since I can go back to the gym now! 6 weeks away is too long when you hav over 100 lbs to lose! Thanks for reading, and here are my 16 week pictures (12 weeks below in light gray)


  1. Holy Moly girl, you're looking fantastic!!
    It's time for some new comparison pics for me too I guess.. maybe I'll get those done tonight!

    Congrats on making it half way! You're doing absolutely fabulously!!

  2. Congrats!!! You look so wonderful...and happy!!! Thanks for posting these pics...you've gotta be so excited! Can't wait to see you in another 16 weeks!