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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Am I Stuck, Or Am I Just Full??

Seriously. I have NO idea!! Since I feel like I get stuck almost every time I eat, I am now wondering if I am actually just full...like I am supposed to be. But silly me, I LOVE food and want to keep eating it if it tastes good so then I overdo it and am miserable for 1-2 hrs (like last night with the Popeye's chicken. Sonofa...).

So that got me thinking. This morning I ate an egg over medium. However, when I started feeling like I was stuck I noticed that I was 2/3 done with the egg. I threw the rest of it out. I came to work and was feeling rather uncomfortable. Not stuck, just uncomfortable. I went downstairs to get some hot cocoa (because I am trying the "warm liquids in the morning to loosen the band" trick) and I was only able to consume about 8 oz of it in an hour. I got some chicken tortilla soup for lunch and ate 5 bites of broth only and felt "stuck." I can't get stuck on broth. It is a liquid, it is supposed to go right through. Now it has been nearly 30 min since I had my broth and I am feeling better, but again, I am uncomfortable. Do you swell up after you have a stuck episode? To the point that water doesn't want to go down?

I need help from other bandsters. Have you experienced similar? Do I need to get my butt into my doctor? Golly I am whiny the past week...and I really hate that. Bleh.

Waiting for input from others. Have a happy hump day!


  1. Hi Michelle. I got super stuck last year and had to call my doctor's office. I was stuck so bad I couldn't even drink water. The nurse told me to get a cup of hot water like I was going to make tea and squeeze the juice of a half lemon into it and drink it all. The warm water loosens the opening and the lemon helps clean out anything stuck. That did the trick. I get stuck a lot and usually everything comes up. After that, I can't eat for a few hours.

  2. Let me ask you this, do you have a weird feeling for a few days after you have a bad stuck episode? Since my first bad one I can't even drink water without feeling uncomfortable which is annoying because it is causing me to not drink my water like I need to be.

  3. I've had that weird feeling for a whole day after a bad stuck episode.. it's like before.. when I would get a pill stuck going down.. once the pill went down it still felt like it was there because it was so irritated. I think that's what happens after a bad episode.. the tissue is irritated, and it still feels like something is there even if it isn't??! I don't know, but it has happened to me before. After a fill I have almost 2 full weeks of really super tightness and the stuck episodes are more than once a day. But it eventually loosens up, and I'm fine. If it's painful though, you should check in with your doc. Hang in there girlie!!