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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Tight?

I've been a bad blogger. I was super busy at work last week and then sick over the weekend, so I slacked.

I think I am going to give my doctor's office a call. Since my last fill I get stuck. A LOT. I think I may be too tight. I can understand some things giving me problems, but certain others are concerning. My biggest worry came just now. About 1.5 hrs ago I ate some cheese and 1/4 slice of turkey. Turkey got stuck. After about 10 min if finally went down...or so I thought. I just took a drink of water and it immediately came back up. Water!! Any bandster followers have similar issues before? It is hard to believe that 3cc's is too much for me, but it just may be.

I know it is Tuesday and goals are supposed to be done on Monday, but I suck.
Water- Water is a big one. I have been really bad on water because we have been traveling a lot and then I got sick. When I sit at my desk at work I don't have trouble getting all the water in, but I haven't done well the past 2 days even.

Gym time- I have decided to wait on going back to the gym for another week. That will be 6 weeks now that I haven't worked out. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym but not looking forward to starting all over again. Oh well, it happens. My husband is taking a job overseas soon so I will be getting lots of gym time in while he is gone. I seem to exercise when he leaves (I was in great shape his last deployment...lost 20 lbs!) because it keeps me busy and exhausts me at the same time. Helps me to sleep better.

Protein- I am not getting my 90 grams in every day. Need to be more diligent about that task.

Weight- I wanted to be down another 10% by Thursday, which is my son's birthday. 222 was my goal weight. This morning I was 229.7. I don't think 7.7 lbs is coming off in the next 2 days. Oh well. We'll see how close I get. Then it will be time to set the next 10% goal!

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. I have 3.5 cc's and haven't had problems to that extent. You may want to call your dr's office. Water is a BIG one!!! Get it in...uuhhmmm...as soon as you can swallow it that is!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!