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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

I know, I know. I suck at this currently. Please bear with me, there has been a LOT going on in my life lately. My hubby was supposed to be starting his new job but it has been pushed back until January because of Obama and his campaigning move of pulling the troops out of Iraq. The contractors who are currently in Iraq need to be relocated and unfortunately, until that is all done, my husband will be sitting on the sidelines and wait to start his new job. To call is stressful is an understatement. My income is not enough to keep us afloat, but fortunately I have my business to bring more money to the household as well. I can say, however, that with as much stress as I have been going through, I have NOT turned to food to comfort me. That is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!

The gym has been a really good outlet and helps me to clear my head. I think being able to completely exhaust myself helps too...then I can sleep at night :-) I hit my 2nd 10% goal last week AND crossed the line of having less to lose than I have already lost. It is exciting to have started the downhill battle. My next 10% goal is 200 lbs but I am going to combine it with hitting "onederland" and shoot for 199 by the end of January. I have not weighed that since 2006. I can't believe it has been so long...it seems like it was just a year ago! I have set little goals for the end of the year too. My 6 month mark will happen this month and I want to be down at least 60 lbs. I want to be fitting into a 16 by Christmas. I know for these to happen I need to keep eating like I have been the past 2 weeks and keep up the work at the gym. And I WON'T be disappointed in myself if I don't hit these goals. I really need to pound that in my head. But I will be certainly pushing to get to them :-)

I hope to blog a little more frequent, but in case I don't again this weekend, I will be posting for sure next Friday for my 24 week pictures!

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  1. Can't wait to see your 24 week photos!! You're doing great, and I'm still cheering you on!