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Monday, February 6, 2012

36 Weeks Post-Op (With Pictures)

Yesterday was spent in the car...all day. We left our house at 7:00 a.m. and got home at 9:00 p.m. Being in the car all day means not drinking a ton so you don't have to use the restroom every 10 minutes. I think I only drank 30 oz of water all day. Well, my body doesn't approve of such a lack of fluids and LOVES to punish me by retaining, retaining, retaining. I was up 4 lbs this morning from Sunday morning. Guess who is getting all of her water in today?? It is mind boggling to see what my body is capable of.

I was late with getting these posted since 36 weeks actually occurred on Friday, but here are the latest photos. I don't see any difference myself. I'm noticing that the further out from surgery I get, the less of a difference I see with my progress. Maybe I need to wait longer to do progress photos to not get discouraged. Maybe I need to get my lazy behind to the gym so I see more progress when it is photo time. Maybe.

Today's photos on top, last month's below. I have to point out the crazy batch of hair sticking out of my head (on the top, right next to the end of the frame). That is some of my regrowth that drives me bonkers!! I have hair sticking out all over my head, but I am happy that it is starting to come back in.


  1. Maybe start measuring instead of relying only on the photos. Because I can see a difference, I would guess your waist is down 2" and your hips about 3-4".

    And going to the gym would probably help too. But I thought you would want to know that I can see the change.

  2. I too can see a difference. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have "come a long way baby!"

  3. I see a difference in your waist and boobs. I like to just compare my pictures to the beginning of my journey- it is more motivating for me.

  4. My boobs need to stop going away!!

  5. I left a comment yesterday but I don't see it??! Anyway - I TOTALLY see a difference. You look incredible and fit and healthy!!!!

  6. You look AMAZING!! I see huge differences! It's so hard to see the difference ourselves, I know! I'm going to do some pics today and get them posted, tomorrow is my 10 month bandiversary! :)