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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Food Obsession

Oh Yeah? Oh Yeah. I bought these meal replacement bars at my surgeon's office and LOVE them. One bar has between 26-30 grams of protein, roughly 13 grams of fat and 300 calories, but they taste SO good and they are filling! I actually took 2o minutes to eat each of them. Perfect for a meal on the go without worrying about PBing and you will get your protein requirements in with these bad boys! I ate one for breakfast yesterday and had another for dinner (wasn't feeling the cooking thing last night and avoided the drive through) and then I had one for breakfast this morning. My favorite is the one that you can see torn open on the bottom, the chocolate caramel...it tastes just like a Snickers bar but not too sweet. I love.

My appointment yesterday wasn't too eventful. Walked in, was complimented by my liason who was working the front desk yesterday morning ("Girl, you are getting so skinny! Slow down!!) and that was awesome, sat down, got weighed (which really ticked me off because their scale weighed me 4 lbs more than my own did...had nothing to do with the fact that I was fully clothed or anything), waited for the PA, spoke with him for about 2 minutes and was done. No fill needed. I am happy at my current sweet spot. Not going to see them again for 6 weeks since I am doing well, but if I get to the point I am trying to eat everything in sight I am supposed to give them a call. My official weight loss since my last appt was 9 lbs, which seemed low to me, but I go based on my own scale at home, so it is all good. When I get near my goal I will focus on the doctor's scale reading, because that will be the one that matters. All in all, things are great!

Happy Hump Day!

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