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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Had To Shop

My husband and I will be traveling to eastern AZ for our niece's burial and I have nothing to wear for it. It isn't exactly dress or skirt weather there this time of year and all of my dress pants are quite literally falling off of me. While I should be excited about shrinking another size and buying a pair of size 14's, the reason behind the shopping trip pretty much puts a damper on any celebration.

This weekend I did a closet cleanout and really need to get rid of clothing. I would like to give others who may be unable to afford shopping in between sizes the chance to have smaller clothes, so I will start posting articles of clothing next week. The only thing I will request is that whoever claims items please pay for shipping...I have a lot to get rid of and it will certainly add up. Not sure when I will post again, but it likely won't be until next week, so I hope you all have a blessed week and weekend!

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  1. Prayers to you and your family. My heart breaks for you all and the loss of this precious angel.