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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tomorrow Tomorrow, I'm Sure I Won't Love You Tomorrow

Tomorrow starts my regular gym routine again. Son is finished with basketball so we are going to be going to the gym together after I get home from work. My hubby hates going at night, but we will see if we can change that. I NEED to get active and kick-start my loss again as well as tight up areas that are getting scary.

We attended a friend's wedding last night and I actually felt pretty. Below is a photo that my son took of me before we left. Not the best shot, but it shows my pretty new size 14 dress. I also chopped my hair yesterday. Not too drastic, but got rid of about 6 inches of nasty, broken off, split end infused hair on my head. It also feels good to be rid of all that extra weight on my head...no more headaches! Now if only I could have my hair back to normal so I can get rid of the devil horns I have with my regrowth.

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