Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey, You There, PBing on I-40

Yup, that was me. On the 7 hr drive home from where we laid our niece to rest I got stuck. I got stuck on the last few bites of my lunch 5 min before we left town and made it about 2 hrs before I finally had to PB. Pulled over at the Geromino place on I-40 where I promptly ran into the store and asked for their restroom. I was told that it had just been cleaned so it was closed, but the next exit had a truck stop. Uh yeah, that wasn't going to work...so I ended up PBing in their parking lot. Didn't really have a choice. Get back on the road and I still wasn't feeling that great. Drive 3 hrs more and had to do the same thing in Kingman. I was stuck for 5 hours. I think that is a record. After the 2nd episode I had a horrible headache so I took a Tylenol....and got stuck on it. I am really hoping I didn't do any damage to myself because I am having the hardest time eating solids. I am sticking to liquids for the next day or so in the hopes that I will allow the swelling to go down and be able to eat again.

On a positive, I WILL be under 200 for NASCAR weekend next weekend. I was 201.9 on Sunday, the day before my 9 month bandiversary. 73 lbs gone! Holy moly!!! I can't wait for that sweet, sweet number starting with a 1 to appear on the scale.


  1. Sorry about your stuck/PB episode but a bit woo hoo on the 201.9. Onederland is yelling your name :)

  2. Ouch. I hope that you can heal your swelling soon and get back to solid foods.

    Congrats! You are so close to another huge milestone! Well two ofthem 75lbs and under 200!

  3. I am SOOO jealous of you right now! Not for only being so close to onderland, but for NASCAR weekend! My hubby and I use to have season tickets in the Earnhart Terrace for Vegas weekend. We gave them up when children came along, but I want to start coming again! So sorry you were stuck for so long, that had to be miserable! Hope you heal quick!

  4. PBing is the worst. You showed great restraint, because when mine comes on, I've got literally about 2 minutes before I spew.