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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Recap

I know it is late, but it wouldn't be me if it wasn't!

I hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend...I certainly did! I ate. And then I ate some more. Oh yeah, and then a little more! I ate myself sick. Not physically, but pretty close to it. Now remember, I can only eat 4 oz at a time, but boy did I....about 5 times!!! We had such incredible food and, silly me, I made brownies (which I believe I ate about 1 lb of) and even though I put everything away so it wouldn't be calling to me, I grazed like the purple cow on my previous post.

I weighed myself the next morning to see the damage and discovered I lost .7 lbs. Huh?? I know about "shocking your body" and all that, but wow. NOT going to be regular practice!!

Since being able to eat all types of food now I have been experimenting. Can I eat steak? Can I eat chicken? Can I eat 1 lb of brownies? Yup, yup and yup. So far I have no limitations. I chew like crazy, but I can eat it. Having said that, since the scale hasn't moved since Monday, I busted my butt at the gym on Monday and again today because since I am a scale stalker, I need to see results.

Speaking of eating whatever I want, I did have my first stuck episode on Sunday, however. Not to the point where I had a PB (productive burp) but oh.my.gosh did it hurt. You know when you eat something too fast and it is like it gets stuck in your esophagus? That would be the exact feeling. I ate a chunk of chicken waaaaayyyyyy too quickly and thought I was going to die. Plus, you can't drink while eating so I had to sit there with this evil piece of poultry clinging on for dear life for 20 minutes or so while acting like nothing was wrong for our company. Lesson learned.

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  1. Michelle consider yourself lucky for now!!! I had the RNY done 6 years ago and my body and what I can eat is still changing. I still can't eat red meat and let me tell you how much I would kill for a steak. Ground hamburger comes up almost instantly. Chicken has slowly left my diet with my body not being able to process it, so it comes back. Fish if it is to dry, and now recently tuna fish is coming back up. I live off of tofu...which I love!!! Somehow though over the last 2 years during the summer months I can't keep any food down at all except bananas, which keep my chronically low potassium LOW, cottage cheese with tomatoes and maybe some yogurt mixed with a couple of strawberries. Now keep in mind I had a completely different surgery than yours, mine is forever :)!!! I have found that even though I pretty much can't eat alot of things anymore I still try and see if anything has changed. Just because something agree's with you one time you eat doesn't mean that it will the next time. Like I said in a post I wrote you, this surgery is like a shock collar for a dog!!! Wait till you get so sick you'll not eat it ever again...god I miss ice cream :. The short satisfaction doesn't come close to out weighing the 4 hours of feeling like death afterwards!!! It takes time and experimenting, let me leave you with this. I had several complications with my surgery, 2 emergency surgeries for perferated stomach 6 months apart, chronic low potassium and I am talking scary low number to the point where I should have gone into cardiac events, and I believe I now have some many other peoples blood in me, chronic anemia, that none of my own even exists any more....to many transfusions to count! So now I eat to try and combat these issue's before I end up admitted to the hospital AGAIN!!!! EAT SMART
    Good luck with this journey...I wouldn't have changed mine at all:)