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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship With The Gym

I really do enjoy going to the gym now. I am getting stronger in my workouts and see that I am not tiring as easily...after only 2 weeks! I was also super excited when I came into work today and 2 people made the comment that I looked so much thinner from last week (which means that gym time is working! Woohoo!) I just hate getting up so flipping early to do so! My husband is religious about working out in the mornings, so I go with him...at 5:30 a.m. But last night when I went with a girlfriend and my son it was SO much better. The heat was terrible last night, but I was actually fully awake and felt I did much better than when I go in the mornings.

But now I have this rash thing going on. It is right along where my sports bra rests on my torso so I am hoping that it is just a heat rash, but it started last week and get worse with each workout. I am just praying it isn't anything more serious, like shingles or something. Slapped on some hydrocortizone cream a few hours ago and waiting for it to work it's magic before I call the doctor. What do you think, all you amateur doctors out there in blogger land? (P.S. Please excuse the fat, but it isn't all gone yet) See my tiny incision scars?? I love them :-)

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