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Monday, January 16, 2012

Damn Greek Food

I love it so. I mean, I could probably live on the stuff. So the fact that there is an amazing Greek food place across the street from my office doesn't help matters. I did okay with my eating over the weekend, but yesterday was kind of a junk food fest meshed with chili for dinner and then cherry cobbler for dessert. What a good bandster I am. :-/

Today I was craving hummus. My PIC and I walked across the street and to the Greek food place. I should have only brought enough money for the hummus, but I didn't, so I proceeded to order half of the menu. Okay, not quite, but I got a gyro as well. It was so good that I ate half of it. OVER half!! Ugh. I was so full but kept stuffing my freaking face because it tasted so good. Then I ate 2 pieces (well, 1 whole piece) of pita with hummus and it happened. STUCK!! Painfully stuck at that. My PIC is used to seeing my "stuck face" but others haven't really had the pleasure. It is funny to see them react to my face and now 2 others know "the look."

Tomorrow I have an appt at my surgeon's office and am really mad that I ate the way I did because I wanted a spectacular number on the scale. Now I will have to settle for mediocre. Dummy.

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