Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

I drink an average of 100 oz of water a day or I blow up like a balloon. Well, yesterday at work I only drank 33 oz so I brought two of my big bottles home. Suffice it to say that drinking 66 oz of water in 3 hrs RIGHT BEFORE going to bed was stupid. I was up peeing every 2 hrs! My gosh, I might as well have been pregnant. So today I am getting an early start on my water so I don't make the same mistake tonight.

Tonight is a night I stay at my mom's and I brought my exercise clothes. She doesn't have a Wii and I still haven't broken out my Zumba at home yet (husband has taken to the couch for his sick bed and heaven forbid a sick man do anything but lay on the couch) so I will be walking on the treadmill and will be working on her Ab Glider. That thing ROCKS! I really need to be doing abs because I am getting some hanging happening there. Not pretty...and I can't wear jeans without the muffin top happening, so I need to get that area tightened up. It's not terribly bad but bad enough that I am uncomfortable with it showing through my cute new clothes. Example, my outfit that I wore yesterday. I felt really cute and took a photo but then I started critiquing it and finding fault everywhere. I thought my belly bulged and felt a little like a lard. However, I was excited to be wearing a white sweater which is something I would NEVER have considered doing a year ago. A white sweater on a 275 lb body where most of the weight was carried in my upper body. Umm no. I would have looked and felt 3 times bigger than I was. I was the girl who always wore black or dark tops to camouflage my excess weight. But, here is my cute outfit from yesterday...can't wait for the sweater to hang on me! (I don't usually do the self photo in the bathroom mirror, but no one was around to take my picture) :-)


  1. Rockin that white sweater!! LOVE it! You're looking fabuous girlie!