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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's Theme? Food.

That seemed to be all I was thinking about this morning...actually this weekend. Hubby and I went grocery shopping this weekend and it was not a pretty site. We dropped $145 at Sam's Club yesterday and $115 at the store this morning. A lot of the things we bought are going to actually be for NASCAR. We do a Tailgating Extravaganza when we have NASCAR weekend here in Vegas. Since this will likely be our last race here, we are doing it good again. It actually works out with timing because Super Bowl food sales are perfect for what I stock up for in our group (soda, chips, brats, etc). Basically everything that I can't consume now. It will be interesting this year, that's for sure. I usually gain 5 lbs over NASCAR weekend so this year it will be nice not to. Food won't be the focus for me as it usually is. I can't wait to do my comparison photo for that weekend. I looked back at our photos from last year and, of course, was slightly disgusted. Here is one of the pictures from last year.
I'm smiling, as usual. Was I happy? Of course I was! But to look back I just cringe that I did that to myself.

Anyway, I am excited to prep for this year. We always have a blast over this weekend!! I am usually ready for our tailgating weekend a month in advance. I'm not a planner or anything.

This morning we were at the store and I wanted to eat everything in sight...not that I can, but I wanted to. Something crazy came over me when we were going through the frozen food aisle. When we passed the pies I grabbed a coconut cream pie and a cheesecake. Then when we came to the ice cream, I saw the Girl Scout cookie flavors and grabbed a Samoa flavored 1/2 gallon, a Touchdown Sundae 1/2 gallon (vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls and caramel filled footballs), and then the hubby grabbed triple chocolate peanut butter something or other. My comment to him was that I must be PMSing because I wanted all of these sweets! Came home and low and behold, my monthly visitor made its arrival. Now I have all of these crazy, amazing desserts in my house and I am scared to go in the kitchen. Dummy.

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