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Monday, July 11, 2011


No, I don't mean this kind

My husband loves to say I am his mental trigger :-)

I am talking about food triggers. What causes us to want to eat? Stress, anxiety, boredom, being upset, being happy, being around others who have all of these feelings/emotions?

Well, I had a wake up call on Friday about food triggers. I got some news that upset me and boy did it have an impact on how I ate not only on Friday, but the whole weekend. BUT, I caught it. I realized it. And I dealt with it by using the trigger above. No I didn't shoot anyone...I shot a big boulder and many, many targets. But it helped me get the bad feelings out rather than keeping them in and eating to deal with it. I think this was a huge step for me because for the first time I recognized what I was doing. I am happy to have learned this valuable lesson and hope others are able to see it in themselves as well, before it gets out of hand.

On another note, I ate chips on Saturday. Yes yes, I know. Bad Michelle. We had been out shooting for 4 hrs (and it had been 5 hrs since I ate breakfast) and I ate chips. I had a couple taco flavored Doritos and a handful of Lays kettle style. BIG mistake. No, I didn't have a stuck episode, but about 2 hrs later I was sick as a dog. So what did Michelle learn? Don't eat potato chips!!!

We had brunch at Hash House A GoGo (if you have seen the Vegas episode of Man v. Food, you know what I am talking about) with friends yesterday. This place is known for their enormous serving sizes. I am talking about 2-3 meals for the average person out of one serving there. So we decided that I would share off of my husband and son's plates to make life easier, and cheaper. Well, they have a $2.50 sharing fee that they charge there. Okay, I guess. OR, I could order a side and it would be cheaper. Yeah, just what we needed, more food on the table. But okay. I ordered wheat toast for $2. I know I can't eat it! So just for shits and giggles lets compare my plate

with my husband's

In all fairness, he didn't eat all of it (our friends took half and he took about 1/4 of it home) and I had the eggs & 1 sausage. I will admit I had 3 bites of his Snickers pancake because holy cow. Yum. Who would have thought of sticking a Snickers bar in a pancake. I mean, really??

Have a great Monday!

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