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Friday, July 1, 2011

4 Things That Are Awesome About Today

1) It's FRIDAY!!

2) 3 Day Weekend begins today!!

3) I had to fasten my bra on the last notch (LOL)

4) I met my 1st goal today!!!!

I wanted to be 245 by 4th of July. I was 245.4 when I weighed in this morning!! That is 30 lbs GONE and I am elated!! I have dropped more than 10% of my body weight since the start of my journey. Now on for the next 10% which will put me at 220. I am shooting to be at 220 by my son's birthday on September 15th.

We are going to AZ for a family reunion bbq this weekend. I am concerned about all of the food that will be there so yes, I am going to be that person who brings food with me to another state. For the bbq I am bringing my Hebrew National 97% FF hotdogs (which I can eat 2 of with no bun) and I am hoping that my MIL's cousin will grill some yummy zucchini so my lunch will be complete. I have my food scale in my purse so everything will be measured out and I need to make sure I pay attn while eating so I don't do it too fast. I am taking down cupcakes and a cake I made (yes THE cake I posted about a few weeks back) and I am sure I will nibble on the delectable items, but will not overeat. I'm not going to sabotage myself.

For the rest of the weekend, I have my cottage cheese, some yogurt, soup and my supplements. We will be eating out a couple times while there so this will be my first test (or two) eating in a restaurant. I am pretty sure I will just eat off of my husband and son's plates. Restaurant servings are so huge that we will all be satisfied.

Hope you all have a very Happy and Safe 4th of July!!

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