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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weight Redistribution

I read a lot about this, especially since that seems to be the case with me, because I am losing a lot of inches but have "only" lost 35 lbs. Well yesterday morning as I was doing my hair I was examining my arms (aka bat wings). Now, I have ALWAYS had big arms. Even when I weighed 175 lbs I had big arms. Just in my genetics I guess. So I noticed that my right arm is getting smaller, which was shocking to me. So I put both arms straight out and that is when I noticed....my left arm bat wing is hanging while my right arm is noticeably smaller. WTF? Guess I need to use the Shake Weight on my left arm only ;-) I will be upping my free weight activity on my left arm since it apparently feels it is being left behind.

And speaking of behind...HOLY CRAP does mine hurt!!! Kettle bell workouts are NO JOKE. Oh.my.gosh. My legs and rear end are in agony. I have been in so much pain the past 2 days from 1 tiny little 20 minute workout on Tuesday morning. Now granted, I did go to the gym again that night for cardio but I knew I was in trouble on Tuesday afternoon when I was already "feeling the burn" so I kind of hoped that my p.m. workout would help that out a little bit. Wrong! So now I literally flop into my chair, couch, car seat and toilet seat and whine/cry like a baby as I try to get up from it. I learned my lesson, oh kettle bell Gods. I will never underestimate you again.

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