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Friday, July 15, 2011

Weigh In Days

I remember back when I dreaded weigh in days. When I was doing WW the very first time, along with my phentermine that spun me out like a chicken, I loved WI days. I knew I was going to have a lower number on the scale because I was starving myself. Then I learned how to cheat the system. And WI day sucked.

Well, I LOVE it now!! I wake up every Friday and can't wait to jump on the scale because I know that the number is going to be lower, even with all of the avocado and cookies I eat ;-) Today's WI put me at 241.3....so next week I should be out of the 240 range! Hard to believe just 8 weeks ago I was 275 lbs. Sweetness!

Speaking of avocado (Ha!), my PIC at work and I decided we need to start our avocado tree now. See?! The CLO cup makes it that much more special :-)

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