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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2nd Fill Comin' Up!

I will be getting my 2nd fill tomorrow. I think I need a slight fill and won't be asking for too terribly much, maybe .5-1 cc. I really do think that I am close to my sweet spot. For those who don't know all the LapBand jargon, here is a link that talks about the sweet spot, or Green Zone, that we bandsters strive for: http://www.lapband.com/en/live_healthy_lapband/about_adjustments/

I did notice that I am getting stuck more if I eat too fast or if the food is really dry so this next fill will mean I need to be REALLY careful what I eat. I will be on liquids for 24 hrs after that fill again which sucks when you're hungry, but great for weight loss ;-) However, if my fill does what it is supposed to, the hunger won't be there.

So far on my goals this week I am only doing well with my water. I have ZERO desire to work out which is really aggravating because I was doing really good before the damn rash started up 2 months ago. I will be doing the treadmill at my mom's house tonight because I need to get some activity in. I'm spending more time at work lately and have had a pretty stressful past 2 weeks which means I am exhausted when I get home...especially after a 30-45 minute drive home. When I stay at my mom's I am more apt to walk on the treadmill because she lives very close to my office and I can indulge in Teen Mom while walking ;-) I ate chicken for lunch and have my protein shot in a 33 oz bottle of water for tonight. Those protein shots are a lifesaver when you haven't reached your 90 grams a day but can't possibly eat anymore. But it's only Tuesday....still have 5 more days to meet this week's goals!

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