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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tight in the Morning

Get your heads out of the gutter :-)

I have often read/heard about people who have had fills being tighter in the mornings because of swelling & whatnot and I can definitely say that I am one of those experiencing that now. I really have no appetite in the morning. I get hungry around 9:30 or so, but it isn't that famished feeling that I used to get. It is quite liberating to not wake up thinking of food :-) I also just usually eat yogurt for breakfast now because more solid of food gets stuck pretty easy. Turkey bacon & eggs aren't a problem so that is my other alternative. Yay for restriction!

I have had several stuck episodes since my first fill, and they are all my fault. The latest was on Saturday night when I was eating dinner. My hubby made steak shish kabobs for family & guests and salmon for me. My salmon was bomb (YUM!) and I decided to try a few bites of the meat & chiles from the shish kabobs. Well, I was smart at first and cut them in half. Then I was stupid and didn't cut up the last piece. Ugh. STUCK! So 2 of my friends got a first hand view of Michelle in severe discomfort. Finally after about 25 minutes and a few sips of water, it went through. Lesson learned!

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