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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuck Like Chuck

What a weekend. It was busy busy busy and I feel like most of it was spent in a car! We had Grandma Hall's funeral and burial and it was very nice but exhausting. It is certainly nice to be back home and in a routine again.

I told you about the red velvet cake episode that I had week before last. Well, I had my 2nd stuck episode on Wed night....with pasta. That particular episode ended up in my first PB and it SUCKED!!! Oh the pain and the sliming and the yuck. So, apparently I can't eat pasta...or I won't be trying again for a very long time. I did bad with my water intake this weekend being in the car so much (didn't want to have to pull over every 30 min to pee!) so I was up a pound when I weighed myself this morning. It's okay. Back to the gym I go and I have been chugging the water today. Need to stay focused since I have a goal to reach in 1 month.

I can't believe that Friday will be 12 weeks since I had surgery. That is just unreal to me. Almost 3 months since surgery. I am down almost 40 lbs. Sometimes I feel like I should be down more weight or more sizes, but I am fitting comfortably in 18's again. I haven't tried on any size 18 jeans, but my dress slacks fit. I hope my pictures look different than last month's since I still don't feel different. I bagged up more clothing as I was packing for the weekend because I can tell just by looking at things now that they aren't going to work anymore. I also wore a dress to the viewing that is too big. It was my 1st post-surgery dress and I love it, so I am sad about that. That is a good feeling that clothes are getting big, but it is going to get expensive! :-)

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