Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hair Loss....REALLY?!

Okay, I knew to expect it, but DANG!! I just spent the past 15 min at my desk at work plucking stray hairs off of my shirt. My hair is falling out like crazy. My nails are breaking right and left. The Biotin doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. Fine, whatever. My real question is this...why can't it fall out of areas where we don't want it? Seriously! Why my head? Why not my legs. Now THAT would be awesome. Underarms? By all means, take it! Just leave my poor little head alone. Not sure I am going to be able to deal with 3 months of this nonsense. Fortunately I have a ton of hair and it won't be that big a deal, but I am not looking forward to the "halo" of new curly hair that will be emerging from my head when it stops. My stylist already warned me about it. Bleh.


  1. I lost it.bad after my grastro.bypass that is.why it.is so.short trying.to.let all my.breqkage now catch up

  2. I am having hair loss issues too :( with the nail breaking thing, I brought fish oil in gummmy form and that seems to be helping.....