Hang on kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My 1st Fill

Two post in one day, sorry. I forgot to blog about this last week but since it was the same day we lost Grandma, I hope you understand. I did have my 1st fill on Wednesday and it was wonderful! It didn't hurt at all (I didn't even bleed) even though she was pushing on my port area to make sure she got it. I had 2 cc added to my 10 cc band and HOLY CRAP did it work!! I doubt that I am in my sweet spot yet, but it is so good to have restriction again!! I did liquids for 24 hrs after my fill and took it easy on Thursday with real food. Wouldn't you know it, I WI on Friday at 237.1. Woo hoo!! Almost 40 lbs gone forever!

Now to Friday night. One atty in my office always brings back red velvet cupcakes (I call them cupmuffins because they are HUGE like Costco muffins) when he eats at a particular restaurant. I decided to have a couple of bites that night with my son and it happened. It.Got.Stuck. It was a little dried out but I took a small bite and that was enough. Oh my gosh the pain. I took small drinks of water to help it go down but it wasn't budging. I tried walking around, didn't help. Finally after about 10 minutes of terrible discomfort and eventual sliming, I knew it was going to come back up. So off to my bathroom I went. I opened the door to my bedroom, turned the corner to the bathroom and........it went through. Sonofa. But it taught me a very valuable lesson. Don't eat red velvet cupcakes right after a fill!!! ;-) I did good over the weekend. Still have the restriction I so love and am measuring everything out. Sometimes 3 oz is a bit too much. What a beautiful thing!

I started taking Biotin today because my hair loss is increasing. I talked to my stylist about on Thursday when I went in to get my hair cut and she said it is normal after surgery. She suggested the biotin to help out a little bit but told me not to worry since I have so much hair. It is a little concerning when it comes out at such a rapid pace (my comb was scary full this morning), but I will just have to deal with it until my body straightens back up.


  1. So great to read that your first fill went so well!! Mine is Thursday, and I won't be eating any red velvet cupcakes fo shizzle!!! I am looking forward to some restriction...i just can't stop eating...it's like i'm trying to get it all in before the fill...sick head, sick head...will it ever get well??? I've been staying on track with at least 80gms of protein a day to avoid the hair falling out issues, and it's working sofar! I have quite a bit of hair too...but it's still a scary thought!

  2. I did that before I started my liquid diet. Called it my last supper. :-)
    I don't want to have the ability to do that since that is what got me to 275 in the first place!