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Monday, August 29, 2011


We all have goals. Not just for weight loss, but for other aspects in our lives. How often do you reflect on those? I remember when I used to focus on my life goals...and then I stopped. I think Monday will be Goal Day. Then I have something to remember throughout the week because I have people reading what they are.

I am 17 days away from my son's birthday. I wanted to be at 220 by that day. Considering I am now 233 and losing an average of 2 lbs/week, that isn't going to happen. Am I sad about it? Not really. Life came up (Grandma's funeral and my hives/rash that prevented me from exercising) and I had to remember that sometimes you don't always hit those goals when you want. I wish I would have been there by then, but I will be happy to see where I am on his birthday and then when I do hit that 2nd 10% loss (220) it will be exciting! I sabotaged myself so many times on WW with setting weight loss date goals and not achieving them, so I said "to hell with it" and reverted back to bad behavior. I can't do that now. I won't let myself do that now.

This weeks goals:
Get all 100 oz of water in each day
Get 90 grams of protein in each day
Exercise at least 3 days

Yes it isn't that much, but I will increase each week. What are you going to do this week?

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  1. Great attitude. Even if you do not make your goals perfectly- you will be working in the right direction.