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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fill 'Er Up!

I'm ready for a fill....most definitely. I go in for my 3rd follow up appointment on Wednesday and will be getting a fill this time. I think I have lost so much fat/swelling around my stomach that my band is just there chillin. How do I know this? Well lets see, if we go based on the questions from my last appt:

"Are you measuring your food?" "Yes"
"Are you satisfied after you eat the 3-4 oz?" "Sometimes, but not always. Lately, not really."
"Are you snacking?" "Ummmm........can I plead the 5th?"
"Are you losing?" "I was until this week"

So, I look forward to getting my very first fill. Not sure how big my band even is (aka how much it can hold) but I will ask on Wed. Lets hope it doesn't take several fills to get to my sweet spot!

I did up my workouts. I found a great video that is for surgery patients and it has really opened my eyes! I am upping my cardio workout by 10% each week, so then it is a gradual increase and something I can handle no problem. I am doing resistance 3 days a week and did my first ab workout on Saturday. I know, I am a big wienie. I was scared to do abs and now that I am 10 weeks out I figured I better suck it up and do it so I can get rid of this gut. Well, with every sit up I did, my muscle that the port is sewed into was hurting. By the last set it was a sharp pain, so I need to talk to the doc about that on Wed. I then did planks with my son (and I will make sure the kid does not have gas the next time I take him to do an ab workout with me...my gosh!) and could barely do 15 seconds on my elbows. I felt weak. I used to be able to hold it for 45-60 seconds when I was working with my trainer about 2 yrs ago. *sigh* I guess that is what happens when you stop...but I am going to get back there!!! I can't wait for the day that I sit in jeans and don't have the roll/muffin top to worry about. The things that we look forward to :-)

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